Worlds First Plant Based Nylon From Yeti

September 2013

World’s first plant based nylon from Yeti

Eco-friendly products are more popular than ever, especially among consumers who love nature and the outdoors. Down specialist Yeti introduces the world’s first jacket made from a new eco-friendly plant based nylon in the spring 2014 collection.

 Outdoor enthusiasts explore and adore nature around the world and are naturally interested in protecting it. Therefore eco-friendly and sustainable products are a hit in the outdoor industry and the manufacturers are exploring cutting edge eco-friendly technologies to enable nature lovers to protect nature while enjoying it.

 For the spring 2014 collection outdoor specialist Yeti introduces the jacket North made from a new ground breaking plant-based nylon. This is the first garment in the world made from plant based nylon.

 Eco-friendly fabric

The new eco-friendly nylon, called Next To Nature, is based on renewable plant oil instead of fossil oil. The oil is extracted from the ricinius-plant, a non-food plant that grows mainly on dry wasteland and does not occupy farming land. Further more ricinius is a robust plant that requires significant less pesticide than other plants. Nylon based on a renewable source such as plant oil is much more environmentally friendly than traditional nylon made from scarce petroleum products. 

 Non-water absorbing down filling

But eco-friendliness does not equal compromising on functionality. Quite the contrary. Not only does the plant-based fabric maintain an inherent highly water repellent surface feature. The water repellent outer shell is also combined with another ground-breaking invention, the exclusive Crystal Down Dry filling. The filling is treated with QuixDown Technology by Toray, preventing the down from absorbing water. These two features keep you dry and warm even through heavy showers.



The eco-friendly and water repellent jacket, North, was awarded with the prestigious GOLD Outdoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013 with the words “particularly innovative design and above-average product quality”.