Nearly weightless Winterwear. Yeti's Cut and Affinity

November 2013


Nearly weightless winter wear

The new down jackets, Cut and Affinity, from down specialist Yeti weighs from just 200 grams. But the airy jackets provide a soft warmth that will guard you through a biting cold snowy winter.

 Imagine wearing a snug down jacket keeping you warm in frost, snow and brisk winds, but weighing less than a light summer jacket. Impossible? Not any more.  Yeti’s new down jackets for outdoor enthusiasts, Cut and Affinity, weighs a mere 200 grams. The airiness of the jacket is surprising as you put it on. It feels almost weightless and turns one’s mind to astronauts bouncing lightly on the surface of the moon.

 The secret is in the fabric

Actually there is a little “rocket science” behind the astonishing airiness. One of the secrets behind Yeti’s unique lightness is the Next to Nothing 2.0 Technology: An ultra lightweight, tear proof nylon fabric that weighs only 20 grams per square meter making it the lightest down proof fabric available today. Each thread is as thin as 1/20 of a human hair. The weaving of Yeti’s exclusive fabric is so complicated that it can only be done in one factory in the world situated in Japan.

 Very warm and very movable

The other secret is the down filling. The extremely light fabric is filled 100% with the finest lightweight Crystal Down, pure white goose down with a fill power of amazing 800+ which gives the jacket premium insulation abilities without compromising on movability as the filling compresses easily. So when wearing Cut or Affinity on a winter’s day you are kept very warm but still feel as free and light as the snowflakes around you.

 Packable in its own pocket

The down’s ability to compress and the ultra thin fabric is used cleverly in another feature of the jackets. They are packable into their own pockets and when packed they only take up as much space as a grapefruit. The packability makes the jackets ideal for both trekking and travelling.

 The ultimate winter jacket 

Cut and Affinity are created for extreme adventurers but suitable for anyone looking for the ultimate winter jacket. Both hood and hem are adjustable for a completely tight fit. Cut and Affinity keeps you warm and comfy from the first cold days in the fall and all through the winter and early spring. For extreme temperatures Cut and Affinity can be used as an insulating layer under a shell jacket.

 Cut for men comes in three colours: Methyl Blue/Bottle blue, Dark Gull Grey and Dark Gull Grey/Navy.

Affinity for women comes in Dark Gull Grey and Imperial Purple.

 Yeti – 30 years as The Down Specialist

In 2013 Yeti celebrates its 30th anniversary. Yeti was founded in 1983 specialising in extreme outdoor down sleeping bags of the finest quality, which later evolved into a line of high-end outdoor clothing as well. Yeti is a brand for those who do not consider fashion and nature to be inconsistent.