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Nordisk Heritage

For more than 1000 years, the rune stone has been resting in Jelling, Denmark, the first capital of the Viking realm. Northern Europe has a long tradition of travel. The Vikings didn't just travel by ship, but also made many journeys over land. And at the time, it was even more essential than today to be ideally prepared and perfectly equipped for travel. With more than 40 years of experience, Nordisk can look back on a long tradition in the manufacture of outdoor equipment. The experiences of history were one thing that shaped that tradition.

In the mid 1980's with Jens Toft as MD and Andy Williams as National Sales Manager Northern Feather Leisure with it's brand name "CARAVAN" was the best selling sleeping bag brand in the UK.  In 1991 the name "Nordisk" replaced "Caravan" and in 2010 it finds it's way back into the UK with Andy Williams.

Nordisk has the characteristic Nordic flair for design and innovation.  It's sleeping bags, tents and equipment are designed to provide the best possible experience no matter how harsh the conditions.