Danish Brand Nordisk to sponsor OMM 2014.

 Nordisk, who have been in the outdoor market since 1901, and produce the award winning Telemark tent range will again be sponsoring the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) in 2014.


Nordisk, originally called Nordisk Fjer A/S, was founded by Hans Ove Lange in Copenhagen in 1901.  In the 1980’s it became one of the leading outdoor brands in Europe with the brand name “Caravan” for top quality sleeping bags and tents.  Under it’s new name “Nordisk” is once again becoming well known and has already won a number of international awards for design.  Most recently “Oppland 3 LW” received the prestigious “Red dot Award 2014”.


OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) was started in 1968 and was the forerunner of the modern adventure race.  This is the premier UK event to test teamwork, self-reliance, endurance, outdoor and navigational skills. The reputation of the event is worldwide and every year we have over 3,000 entrants from 12-14 countries.

The ethos of the event is to be totally self-reliant in the wilds, carrying all equipment, no outside support and without GPS or cell phone. Your first source of help is your partner and if you retire you are responsible for getting yourself back to base. Any teams not arriving at the overnight camp are assumed to have camped safely. In these days of 24/7 contact and total support this is an event to test and indeed help develop teamwork and self-reliance.  OMM events are run on a “not for profit” basis.


Michael Hubertz, Marketing Manager for Nordisk says:

“For a brand like Nordisk it’s only natural to support an event like OMM, as we share many of the same values. Simplicity, functionality and innovation are core values in our products, and the tough task of completing the race with a smile also strongly corresponds with the essence of the Nordisk spirit. OMM is in other words a natural scene for Nordisk as it brings out our products where they truly belong – in the outdoors…”


Stuart Hamilton, Events Director for OMM.

“Over the next few years we will have an increasing portfolio of international events.  We already have OMM UK, Iceland, France and Japan and expect to have South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in the near future.  To have the support of international brands of the calibre of Nordisk improves our resources ensuring that we can continue to provide a series of world class events.” 


For more information visit:  www.theomm.com