• The Ark Group forges new trade agreement with Spain

    The Ark Groups future prosperity is not only in growing it's business in the UK with it's current brands OMM, Nordisk, Yeti, Bushbaby, Extreme Foods and Buff but in it's ability to forge new trade deals outside of the UK.  It already has business relationships in Japan, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and France.  From 2017 it will add a new relationship with Spain.


    Lurbel is a technical sportswear manufacturer based in the town of Ontinyent in the region of Valencia.  The family company founded in 1992 by Miguel Lurbe Sanz and his two sons Miguel and Rafael, was originally a hosiery company.  Later a third brother was to join the company , Javier.   In 1992, with the Lurbe brothers interest and connection to sports, the LURBEL brand was created.  Since then it has grown to be one of the most premium brands in this market in Spain.


    By 2014, with co-operation from The Group of Biomechanical Research Applied to the Physical Activity and Sport  of the University of Valencia, the Group of Science Research of the Physical Activity and Sport in the University of Alicante and the Technological Textile Institute(AITEX).  Lurbel has developed a series of technologies that are applied to their products giving them a unique position in the specialist sports market.

    Five key developments make LURBEL products an athletes choice.  

        Regenactiv®.  Using keratin from mollusc shells, it's protective qualities help to keep the skin balanced.  Abrasions and blisters heal faster

       Bmax.  A blend of yarns and construction which helps control moisture and protect the skin from bacteria.  This reduces infection and odour.

       ESP.  This protects the sensitive and impact areas of the foot from the friction which can result in blisters.

       IDT (Innovative Dual Technology) Using microfibres, with particles of charcoal from bamboo, in an ionic silver elastic mesh.  The yarns are knitted using a seamless construction which gives athletes optimal mobility and freedom.

       Firtech.  a range of compression products using yarns with a mineral content. This prevents inflammation, and improves the recovery process. 


    Lurbel will be available from a limited number of technical running and outdoor shops.